In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious?

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In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

Wang Zhen


In November 1981, Wang Zhen returned to his hometown and boarded Yangmei Mountain. When he was in a good mood, Wang Zhen smiled and asked the staff around him: "Do you think I am vicious?"

It seems that Wang Zhen knows that he has a bad temper.

However, all the founding generals, which did not have a unique temperament, speaking of General Wang Zhen's temperament, is also unique among the founding generals.

Peng Dehuai once said such a sentence: "Wang Zhen and I are two Hunan mules. When we get together, we will pinch them together. But when we get on the car, our strength will definitely move us together."

Mr. Peng and Wang Zhen are both Hunanese fellows, and they have the same temperament. However, it happens that they have been in a superior relationship since 1947, and there have been many disputes over this. During the Battle of Chengyang, Wang Zhen commanded a 2 vertical attack to hit Huti Mountain. Huti Mountain is easy to defend and difficult to attack. It is a hard bone. When Wang Zhen was commanding the battle, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar figure next to him. Mr. Peng carried his binoculars and went to the front line to observe the battlefield situation in person.

Wang Zhen was very anxious. In the fierce frontline firefight, if something went wrong, no one could bear the consequences. Wang Zhen rushed to Mr. Peng and opened his mouth and shouted: " Mr. Peng, please go back to the back."

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

Wang Zhen

Peng Dehuai is also a bursting temper.Seeing Wang Zhen approaching, he ignored him and said: "Why, you can be here, but I can't?"

Wang Zhen was about to go forward with the theory, and suddenly one The shell hit the vicinity of the command post, and the dust was flying in a moment.

But Peng Dehuai remained unmoved, and insisted on going to the forefront. Wang Zhen tried hard to persuade, but Peng Dehuai remained unmoved: "You commanded it, I look at mine, and I won't hinder you?"

After two visits, the two of them are on the front line. Speak up.

Bickering goes to bickering, the two of them are still very good emotionally.

But the clay figurine also has a three-point anger, and besides, the general who walked down from the battlefield full of artillery fire. When Wang Zhen is in a good mood, he will naturally smile at everyone, but once he makes him angry, the consequences will be quite serious. .

Especially in the face of things that touch the interests of the common people, Wang Zhen is even more furious.

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

Brigadier Wang Zhen and his wife Wang Jiqing

Wang Zhen scolded: "Are you still a party cadre?"

February 8, 1954,Chairman Mao personally signed the order and appointed Wang Zhen as the commander and political commissar of the railway soldier .

Out of strategic considerations, the Party Central Committee decided to build a railway from Yingtan to Xiamen, Wang Zhen knew the importance of the Yingtan railway very well, so after receiving the order, he immediately convened a party committee. At the meeting, a railway force of more than 100,000 people was gathered to rush to the construction site for construction. In order to facilitate the work, Wang Zhen moved all the command institutions to Nanping, Fujian.

After the railway soldiers went to the construction site, they immediately began to get busy. The railway construction went smoothly at first, but Wang Zhen later discovered a problem. Because Fujian is located in the south, the climate is hot and humid, and the construction site is in order to Hurry up. Many people live in simple houses. Some soldiers from the north soon became unaccustomed to the soil and water. Many people fell ill with malaria. In order to improve the living conditions of the construction workers, Wang Zhen It is necessary to communicate and negotiate with the local government to relocate the place where the construction workers live in a dry place.

What Wang Zhen never expected was that he just contacted the local county government, and what came on him was a "disarming war".

Wang Zhen has never minded his identity, so he called the county government, but only explained the actual situation, and asked the county government to come forward to solve it, but he called for three consecutive days, but still failed to receive reply.

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

In order to solve this problem,Wang Zhen personally went to the local county government to inquire. After entering the door, Wang Zhen smiled and asked a cadre: "Is the county head in the office?"

The cadre raised his head and replied angrily. : "What are you looking for the county magistrate?"

"I want to solve the housing problem." Wang Zhen directly explained his intentions.

I don’t know that the cadre is even more impatient when he hears: "The county head is not there, the county head has gone out long ago."

stood up without saying a word, the cadre just stood up. Paying attention to Wang Zhen, who was on the side, got in a car and drove away.

Wang Zhen was confused. After walking out of the yard, he saw an old man sweeping the floor, and he took the initiative to ask: "When did your county magistrate go out?"

The old man raised his head. "You are looking for the county magistrate?"

"Yes, I was looking for him in a hurry. He was not there this morning."

Who knows that the old man said in surprise: Then why didn’t you stop him?”

Wang Zhen was even more surprised after hearing this: “That person was the county magistrate just now?”

The old man sighed, “Yes,Going to engage in crooked ways again. "

Wang Zhen knew that things were tricky, so he took the initiative to talk to him for a while, and Wang Zhen learned the truth about the matter. It turned out that after taking office, this county magistrate basically gave him his seven aunts, The eighth aunt is doing private affairs, and there is a room of gifts in the office. The two people talked about it for about two hours. The old man seemed to be full of grievances. Generally speaking, the bamboo tube dumped beans and said everything.

When Wang Zhen heard this, he couldn't help but feel angry.

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

Speaking of which, Wang Zhen went to the county government to do business this time, although he could also come to the county government’s gate. I have already come down before, plus he is wearing a coarse cloth, a pair of old goat shoes on his feet, and he looks like an old farmer. No matter which county head or old man, he is regarded as an ordinary person. The old farmer.

During the conversation between the two, the county magistrate came back, and Wang Zhen stepped forward to stop him. I didn’t know that the magistrate yelled at him, so angry that Wang Zhen directly cursed: "Which magistrate are you?" , I think you are the county magistrate of the Kuomintang.

yelled like this, the county magistrate was also angry, and he called the county public security bureau directly, and the person who came to say that he directly gave Wang Zhen a handcuff. Although Wang Zhen has been struggling, how can he struggle? After the young and strong people, Wang Zhen’s guard also noticed something was wrong, and immediately stepped forward to ask the police to release him.Since they did not identify themselves, the police car ignored them at all and insisted on driving out.

still commissioner Xu Qingshun showed up, and this stopped everyone. The county magistrate caught Wang Zhen with a very ugly expression on his face.

When the local people heard that there was an official who was bigger than the county head, they came to the door to respond to their own problems, and all the questions of the county head were reflected. What is Wang Zhen’s burst of temper? Being able to tolerate such a situation, he immediately pointed at the county head’s nose and cursed: "You are too shameful as the county head. Tell me what you have done? Are you still a party cadre? People? The power given to you requires you to do things honestly and be a steadfast person. You, the county magistrate, regard power as a tool for your dominance. It is simply incorrigible!"

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

The county magistrate's forehead dripped with sweat, and he repeatedly said that he would like to review.

"This is not a matter of reviewing or not reviewing." Wang Zhen stood up and said righteously: "What you did is too shameless. You look like a member of the Communist Party. I am a member of the Central Committee.

A thunderous applause erupted at the scene.

Afterwards, Wang Zhen dialed the phone of Secretary Ye Fei, who was in charge of the Fujian work. On the phone, Wang Zhen said sincerely that he had cut the prefect and removed the matter of the county chief, but Ye Fei said on the phone: "Commander King,You have done a great deed for me and a great deed for the people of the whole province. On behalf of the people of the whole province, thank you!

After 30 years of absence, Wang Zhen returned to his hometown

In February 1959, Wang Zhen was transferred to the head of the Ministry of Land Reclamation. Going home again, I have great expectations for this return home.

After Wang Zhen arrived in Changsha, the Hunan Provincial Party Committee immediately made arrangements and dispatched 3 vehicles, one of which was given to the cadres of the Provincial Party Committee. And Wang Zhen took the other two vehicles for Wang Zhen’s accompanying staff and the guards of the Provincial Party Committee.

But when Wang Zhen just arrived in Changsha, he knew about it, and he turned his head and found the province. Xiao Genru, the person in charge of reception, put forward his request euphemistically: "Xiao Xiao, I have a few requests here. The first division asks the leaders of the provincial party committee to do their work and do not accompany them. But please don't send guards, don't make troubles and bite cats and jump over the wall. Thirty, please transfer the three cars to a travel car. I and the staff accompanying me will ride in the same car. "

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

In March 1960, Minister Wang Zhen (former middle) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Reclamation was in Tarim Reclamation Area

Wang Zhen's three requirements, the first two are easy to handle, Xiao Genru immediately expressed to the provincial party committee The leader asked for instructions, but this third one is more difficult to handle.

"Minister Wang,We have no travel car miles yet. Xiao Genru said that there was no way.

"No? "Wang Zhen obviously didn't believe it. It's just that Xiao Gen vowed that he didn't.

"Hey, I'm not too old, right? "Wang Zhen stared at Xiao Genru with a smile: "Why did I see a dark green travel car parked in the courtyard yesterday?"

Xiao Genru shook his head: "Minister Wang, that's an old and old car. It was used by our reception desk to buy vegetables and soy sauce on the street. I can't sit back!"

"How can I not sit, I can't pull the rape, and I'm Wang Zhen." "

The next day, Wang Zhen wore an old white-washed military uniform, and together with the staff drove out the tourist car that pulled soy sauce at the reception, but let alone this car except for one car. Other than the taste of the soy sauce vegetable, there is no problem at all.

Just when he returned home, Wang Zhen encountered a particularly unpleasant thing,

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

Wang Zhen

As soon as Wang Zhen walked to the entrance of the village, he found cadres in the county and village waiting on both sides of the road. Perhaps they had received the news very early that Wang Zhen was going to go home, so he built an archway with a height of two feet. It is one foot wide, and it says "Welcome the general back to his hometown."

"Can you grow millet on this archway?" "

Wang Zhen was very upset,I asked a cadre around him loudly. The cadre knew that Wang Zhen was a little angry, so he lowered his head and kept silent. Wang Zhen immediately raised his head and shouted: "Can pumpkins grow on this archway?"

Everyone saw that Wang Zhen was very angry, and the surrounding cadres replied in a low voice: "No."

"Since you can't grow millet, and you can't grow pumpkins, you spend so much manpower and financial resources. What is such a spoilt for?"

Following Wang Zhen's order, the archway was torn down directly, and the wood was pulled directly to the nursing home of the brigade.

After the car drove to the village, Wang Zhen lived in his third brother’s house, but the driver took out a new set of bedding from the car: "I’m afraid your house will be covered. The leader asked me to bring a set. Come."

Wang Zhen directly refused: "Don’t don’t, what do you cover at home."

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

In general, Wang Zhen’s first return to his hometown. I am quite satisfied. The farmer’s harvest has also improved a lot. Before Wang Zhen left, he also told: "In these years, everyone has been intensively farming, and the yield per unit area has greatly increased, but there is still a gap compared with the advanced areas. For this we need science. Planting, don’t engage in formalism and waste the blood and sweat of the people."

After Wang Zhen returned to Beijing,They also transferred a batch of new rice varieties, and contacted Guangdong with a set of improved sweet potatoes to promote to their hometown for planting.

"Are you still like farmers? Are you still worthy of being a cadre in the team?"

In February 1961, Wang Zhen returned to his hometown again.

It’s just this time when I went home, Wang Zhen felt very sad. The people’s life was still so difficult, and their food rations were reduced a lot. Everyone’s face was full of dull color, Wang Zhen was bitter. I thought about it all night, trying to find a solution.

The next day, Wang Zhen assembled the cadres of the production team and announced four suggestions:

1. Beishengdo hills and paddy fields, use the foot of the mountain and the side of the ditch to refer to mulberry sericulture;

2. Develop Yangmeiling and plant chestnuts, tangerines ;

3. The production team has no money, Wang Zhen took the money and bought mulberry, chestnut, and tangerine seedlings from other places, and shipped them before the end of February next year;

4. The Mazhan production team will take the lead and do a good job in developing silkworm and Yangmeiling in order to gain experience and promote it in Beisheng District and the whole county in the future.

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

After these four suggestions were made, Wang Zhen asked the brigade cadres if they had any comments. Everyone at the scene said no. In fact, although the people at the scene agreed very well, they were in the process of fulfilling them. , But did not actively invest energy, so that a big problem appeared.

Before February 28, 1962, Wang Zhen fulfilled the agreement,We transported 1000 Humulus seedlings from Zhejiang, 1100 chestnut seedlings from Hubei, and 1000 tangerine seedlings from Jiangxi to their hometowns.

Originally, according to Wang Zhen's estimation, after these seedlings were delivered to their hometown, as long as everyone worked hard and hard, there would be big changes in life. Wang Zhen always looked forward to this.

In the winter of 1963, Wang Zhen returned to his hometown. What he saw was that 1,000 lake mulberry seedlings were broken by cows, pigs, and critters. Only 17 survived. 1100 chestnuts and 1000 are densely planted on Yangmei Ridge. Most of them died due to drought and lack of water.

Wang Zhen was very angry. Every muscle on his face was trembling. It should be pointed out that these seedlings were sent to his hometown by Wang Zhen himself. A lot of savings were spent on this. But is it so easy for Wang Zhen to get his money? Wang Zhen and his wife Wang Jiqing visited Yangmeiling. Zeng Liyi once heard Wang Zhen complain: "You need eight cents to buy a bar of soap, but you don't still use it."

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

But while Wang Zhen complained that it was too expensive to buy soap, he heard that there was a lack of water on Yangmeiling, and the chestnut seedlings were all dead, and he had to pay for a water pump for his hometown.

Wang Zhen heard about the planting of these seedlings, and he was distressed by a fire: "Are you still like farmers? Are you still worthy to be the cadres in the team? Prodigal, prodigal."

The cadres of the production team lowered their heads in silence. Perhaps Wang Zhen also felt that his words were too heavy. The tone immediately eased: "I am too subjective, Liu Yang is not suitable Planting mulberries and raising silkworms? Isn't it? Haven't 17 lake mulberries survived? If you raise half a silkworm, you get 50 yuan a year! Oh, I don’t know where you play this boat!

Wang Zhen decided at the meeting that now that the mulberry planting season is coming, he should replant the mulberry. Not only that, Wang Zhen also decided to personally lead everyone to Yangmeiling to cultivate mulberry.

Without being beautiful, the sky was gloomy the next day and it started to rain. District Party Secretary Zhou Mingsheng asked Wang Zhen’s secretary: "What should I do?

Wang Zhen’s secretary is very familiar with Wang Zhen’s style. He said to Zhou Mingsheng: "We will meet in Changsha early tomorrow morning. If we don’t dig today, we won’t have time. Don’t ask, don’t say it’s raining today. , Even the blind knife, this mountain is also set. "

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

Wang Zhen and Tao Zhiyue

As expected, after breakfast, Wang Zhen put on his raincoat and picked up his hoe immediately, not in the wind or rain.

span Wang Zhen actually just recovered from a serious illness and had a surgery on his body. Before leaving the next day, Wang Zhen’s sister heard that her brother had just had an operation and insisted on seeing the incision. I picked up my shirt and saw that there was more than half a foot of incision in my abdomen. Originally, Wang Zhen only went back to Hunan to recuperate, but in the end he went to work with everyone.

Wang Zhen did not rest after returning. Instead, he used his savings to buy 5000 Hu mulberry seedlings and transported them to his hometown by train. He also sent his 4,000 yuan savings together with the eldest son’s transfer fee. After returning to his hometown, after the Hu sang seedlings arrived, Wang Zhen sent two technicians from the Agricultural Science Institute of Lixian County, Hunan Province to report to Beisheng District. Wang Zhen ordered the people to bring back the 5,000 yuan bond and 1,500 yuan. Cash: "These will continue to be used for the development and construction of the Yangmeiling Forest Farm. Lixian The salaries of the two technicians are also paid from here."

In 1981, Wang Zhen returned home for the seventh time and asked the staff with a smile: Do you think I am vicious? - DayDayNews

Wang Zhen in Xinjiang

to Wang Zhen for the sixth time When he returned to his hometown, people’s lives had already changed significantly. In November 1981, Wang Zhen returned to his hometown for the seventh time. He said to the leaders of Liuyang County: "We must vigorously develop diversified businesses and families. Sideline jobs, let the people get rich as soon as possible.”

Since the founding of New China, Wang Zhen has returned to his hometown a total of 8 times. He always remembers the living conditions of the people in his heart, and he is doing good deeds for the people in his hometown. Under Wang Zhen's guidance, the living standards of the people in his hometown have been greatly improved, and his spirit has also influenced people from generation to generation.


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