"Queen of Songs" Huang Qishan: Behind the Scenes of Popularity and Retirement

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In the spring of 1968, the Huang family in Yuzhong, Chongqing welcomed a daughter named Huang Xiaoxia , and later Huang Qishan .

Parents who have just grown up have to put their children in the grandfather's house if they have to make a living.

My grandfather loves model operas, Huang Qishan has been learning to sing with him at Shangqing Temple since she was 3 years old.

Under the guidance of her grandfather, Huang Qishan developed a good voice early on.

No one thought that Huang Qishan would be pushed to the position of the queen of Asian songs after many years.

In 1980, 12-year-old Huang Qishan moved from Shangqing Temple to Xuetianwan to attend junior high school.

thought it was the beginning of a new life, but her parents' quarrel shattered her childhood.

The tense family atmosphere made Huang Qishan eager to escape.

But she can't go anywhere except to play ball with her classmates.

Later, the parents threw her ball into the trash can, watching Huang Qishan's grades go from bad to worse.

Huang Qishan, who had no export, simply broke the jar and didn't even attend the class.

She slipped home with a group of classmates, and as soon as the music was played, the whole room was dancing happily.

In those days, Teresa Teng 's " sweet honey " sang nationwide, and Huang Qishan was fascinated by it.

She decisively abandoned Li Tiemei and A Qingsao's model dramas and began to think about Teresa Teng.

If the mood comes, Huang Qishan will roll the book into a microphone and sing into the TV.

The phrase "sweet honey, you smile sweetly", flew into the opposite neighbor's house again and again.

They are not too noisy, but indulge in the singing, and occasionally say: sings really well!

Huang Qishan, who sang more and more vigorously, soon fell in love with dance .

At this time, she no longer played crazy, but stayed at home every day, singing and learning dance.

However, before Huang Qishan started dreaming of stardom, fate gave her a test first.


In 1983, her parents divorced, and Huang Qishan's life fell from heaven to hell.

In order to support herself, she had to go out to work to earn money.

At such a young age, Huang Qishan could only go to the restaurant as a waiter.

is not bad, she is good at singing and dancing, and she is hardworking, and her colleagues are very fond of her.

The head chef also often sneaks delicious food into her bag while the manager is away.

However, such a life is not always a long-term solution.

After two years, Huang Qishan also learned from others to open a hot pot restaurant.

Just when she was about to make a fortune, the Chongqing Huahua Dance Troupe posted an admissions guide.

Huang Qishan saw that she could sing and dance and make money. Isn't this a great thing?

Soon, she closed the hot pot restaurant and signed up without telling her parents.

Unexpectedly, this registration directly rewrote Huang Qishan's fate.

That year, Huang Qishan successfully joined the dance team. If she dances well, she can even dance with stars.

But God turned her around.

At that time, the leader of the singing team Xiao Jianhu played and sang by himself in the courtyard, and Huang Qishan on one side came up with a small bench, listening and humming.

Unexpectedly, Huang Qishan's singing shocked Xiao Jianhu directly.

Just like that, Huang Qishan was pulled into the chorus by Xiao Jianhu, and started a career of wandering.

At that time, Xiao Jianhu took Huang Qishan to bars and nightclubs, singing Teresa Teng's songs over and over.

Later, Su Rui 's singing drifted into Huang Qishan's ears, and she began to imitate it again.

As a result, this imitation is better than the original song, and she once changed her name to Susan.

This year, Naying named herself Su Bing , and sang into Gu Jianfen's training class with Su Rui's "I Find Myself".

With the push of Gu Jianfen, Na Ying opened the door to the Chinese music scene with a song "Shangougou".

But Huang Qishan did not have such good luck, she had to dormant in nightclubs for several years.


In those two years, Huang Qishan had a good time in Chongqing.

Her "contrastive" performance is very famous in the circle.

The other singers were waiting on stage long before the music started.

And Huang Qishan did the opposite. She hid in the background to attract the audience with a gentle and tactful voice.

Everyone thought she was a long-haired beauty, but when Huang Qishan came on stage, she realized that she was a singer with an explosive head, sneakers and carrot pants.

Huang Qishan is not good-looking, but this trick is very interesting before anyone hears it.

Gradually, a group of loyal audiences are waiting for her to sing at the night show every day.

After Huang Qishan became famous, some local reporters went to dig for her information.

As a result, Huang Qishan's popularity is surprisingly good, and everyone's evaluation of her cannot be without the keywords "honest", "passionate" and "professional".

Huang Qishan's gang of friends gave her the nickname "Huang Laoxie" .

At this time, Huang Qishan had a good life.

Singing makes money, so I invite a group of friends to eat hot pot, and when they are happy, they sing a few songs.

However, Huang Qishan's ambitions do not stop there.

At that time, the traffic slumps in the entire Chinese music scene were gathered in Beishangguang, and Huang Qishan also wanted to go out and see the world.

In 1988, before Huang Qishan left Chongqing, she was caught in a relationship.

She was in love at the beginning, and when her love for the other party became strong, she could not wait to get married and have children immediately.

However, when Huang Qishan stood at the door of marriage, she escaped faster than a rabbit.

This year, Huang Qishan was 20 years old. She packed her bags and got on the train going south.

She went to Guiyang first and then to Haikou.

No matter where she goes, Huang Qishan can always create a world with her singing.

Back then, the owner of Hainan Entertainment City admired Huang Qishan very much, offered her the highest salary and stayed in the best hotel.

After a few years of drifting, Huang Qishan's purse has swelled up, but it has always lost a little taste.

Soon, she made another bold decision.


In 1991, Yang Yuying sat on the throne of the Queen of Sweet Songs with a song "I Don't Want to Talk"; and Na Ying also had a bad luck, " can't turn water to " pushed her to the altar.

Looking at these singers, all of them turned purple, Huang Qishan couldn't sit still anymore.

So, she bought a train ticket to Guangzhou, got off the train, and went straight to "Butong 100".

This "Butong 100" was the best karaoke hall in Guangzhou that year, Cui Jian , Na Ying, Lin Yilun , Zhu Zheqin all sang here. The band in

is formed by the big guy Hou Dejian, and has also attended the Spring Festival Gala twice. The band in

is formed by the big guy Hou Dejian, and has also attended the Spring Festival Gala twice.

As a result, Huang Qishan took the test three times in a row, but the boss Chen Kai just didn't like her.

Later, at Naying's recommendation, Chen Kai decided to let Huang Qishan try it.

Later, at Naying's recommendation, Chen Kai decided to let Huang Qishan try it.

However, the appearance fee he gave was only 47 yuan, which was far from the 120 yuan that Huang Qishan asked for.

But Huang Qishan accepted. For her at this time, opportunity was more important than money.

Huang Qishan is very competitive, and it didn't take long to become a pillar of "Butong 100", even Na Ying was afraid. After

became famous, Huang Qishan sang "Dream and Hope" for Women's World Cup , and was also brought in by the cast of "Peerless Beauty" to sing the theme song.

Just when Huang Qishan was proud of the spring breeze, 's peach blossom that affected her life came quietly.

In those days, Taiwanese producer Tu Huiyuan came to the mainland to find good music seedlings.

As a result, no good seedlings were found, but they were first pulled by guitarist Laozai to "Butong 100" to listen to the song.

Unexpectedly, when Huang Qishan's voice sounded on the stage, Tu Huiyuan was immediately shocked.

What's interesting is that when Lao Zai introduced Tu Huiyuan to Huang Qishan, she didn't like this four-eyed Taiwanese at all.

But Tu Huiyuan is funny and humorous, often making Huang Qishan laugh.

It has been a long time, and the topic of the two people has become more and more in-depth, and later they directly pulled their hands. In the year of

, musicians Zhang Ying and Huang Qishan were still in a cooperative relationship, and there were still 23 years before their fate fermented.

In 1992, in the wave of reform, pop songs ushered in the spring, and record companies came into being.

was the most expensive office building in Beijing that year, and Chia Tai International Music Company kicked off, and soon made Sun Yue popular with the song " wish you peace ".

Musician Chen Xiaoqi At first glance, the contracted singer is so brilliant.

So, he set up a music planning department in Guangzhou, collected Yang Yuying and Chen Ming and others, ready to put them on the career path.

If nothing else, Huang Qishan would also take advantage of this wind to gain both fame and fortune, but she turned the car and drove into a boundless abyss.


In that year, with everyone's blessings, Huang Qishan and Tu Huiyuan entered the marriage hall.

"Butong 100" was worried that Huang Qishan would leave, and specifically proposed to renew the contract.

Can Tu Huiyuan said "don't sign", which made Huang Qishan retreat.

Just like that, Huang Qishan faded out of the stage and happily followed Tu Huiyuan to Taiwan.

This walk is four or five years.

At that time, the Taiwan music scene was flourishing.

In this outlet, the lyrics and songs created by Tu Huiyuan have done a lot of wedding dresses for Qi Qin and Zhang Yu .

But Tu Huiyuan wanted to hold Huang Qishan, but couldn't.

At that time, Huang Qishan watched Na Ying on the Spring Festival Gala and Yang Yuying sold millions, and her heart was mixed.

It was not until 1994 that Tu Huiyuan produced a piece of "The Man Hiding Behind the Music" , which made Huang Qishan famous in Taiwan.

However, Huang Qishan's biggest tag at this time is: Tu Huiyuan's wife.

Tu Huiyuan has always shown affection, and the phrase "this album is like our child, it is ours" directly pushed their feelings to a climax.

For a long time, Huang Qishan also thought that she would be with Tu Huiyuan for the rest of her life.

However, she never imagined that there was a huge price hidden behind the gift that Yue Lao gave her.

In the past two years, Tu Huiyuan became more and more busy, busy writing songs, busy with new people.

The growing alienation of Tu Huiyuan made Huang Qishan lose the focus of her life.

On every night when Tu Huiyuan did not go home, Huang Qishan cried till dawn.

In addition, the gap between the two people's music concepts is too large, so that they broke out countless quarrels.

In 1996, when Tu Huiyuan said the word divorce, Huang Qishan, who was heartbroken, took a sleeping pill . Fortunately, she was found and saved her life.

When Tu Huiyuan heard about it, he only said one sentence: "She who loves life so much will never do stupid things." , but Huang Qishan returned to the mainland, but let Zhang Huimei take advantage of it.

And Huang Qishan has to suffer a lot if she wants to get ahead.


In 1998, Na Ying and Faye Wong sang "Meet Ninety-Eight" in the Spring Festival Gala.

Na Ying at this time has already become popular all over the country, and the albums are selling well one by one.

Huang Qishan and Na Ying originally stood on the same starting line, but in just a few years, it was a world of difference.

Just when Huang Qishan was disheartened, Xiyangyang Records threw an olive branch to her. The record company

, shouting the slogan of "give you the best local music", has included Zhang Weining, Tian Zhen , and Zero Point.

At that time, "Xiyangyang" labeled Huang Qishan "high and low" , ready to spend a lot of money.

Soon, they bought "Waiting" with Wang Feng , and also called Gao Xiaosong to write a song "Like Water".

even the harmony in it has gathered Wang Feng, Xiao Ke, and Gu Feng.

It is a pity that such a large lineup did not cause a splash in the huge Chinese music scene.

Even Gao Xiaosong was very puzzled: "This is a top singer, why can't it be popular?"

It is even more difficult for Huang Qishan to take advantage of the wind to fly.

In 1999, God finally gave Huang Qishan an easter egg.

This year, a "Following Love to the End" made Li Yapeng and Xu Jinglei become popular in the sky.

And Huang Qishan followed Xiao Ke to get a share of the pie.

At that time, Xiao Ke was invited to sing the episode "What Else Can I Do" . He needed a female backing vocalist, so he thought of Huang Qishan.

As a result, Huang Qishan's hoarse but tenacious voice quickly caught the audience's ears.

This time, Huang Qishan's name finally left a little trace in the Chinese music scene.

At this time, seeing Huang Qishan's potential, "Xinyangyang" jumped out again, and helped her prepare the album while holding Shuimunianhua.

In 2000, the producer Feng Rui rushed to Beijing to make it for Huang Qishan.

After half a year of polishing and spending millions, finally released the album "Only You".

When the old and new in the Chinese music scene, Huang Qishan's singing surprised everyone.

However, this album did not make Huang Qishan reach the peak.

For more than ten years since then, Huang Qishan has been struggling in the whirlpool of "singing celebrities are not popular".


In 2004, at the Athens Olympics , a "Pride" made Huang Qishan's singing spread overseas.

I thought this was another opportunity to get out of the circle, but in the draft wave, a large number of young musicians occupied the market.

In the rapidly changing Chinese music scene, Huang Qishan can't keep up.

This year, Huang Qishan was 36 years old. She seemed to have accepted the fate of not being popular and simply started doing whatever she wanted.

In those years, she was studying and playing tennis. If she was interested, she would write songs and release albums.

Huang Qishan thought that she would keep quiet like this forever, but unexpectedly, a huge opportunity for was quietly brewing.

In 2013, Hong Tao, the director of Hunan Satellite TV, was preparing for a music program, and found Peng Yalan to help him recommend singers.

Peng Yalan, who was popular with Li Jian and Qu Ying , immediately thought of Huang Qishan.

However, when Hong Tao heard Huang Qishan's name, he hesitated. After all, Huang Qishan has disappeared for many years.

Unsure of his decision, he simply asked for opinions in the music circle, and everyone voted in favor.

Just like that, Hong Tao started to look at the cottage, and Huang Qishan reluctantly agreed.

At this time, Huang Qishan had no team at all, so she could only call some of her old friends together to help herself manage her brokerage affairs.

Unexpectedly, as soon as "I Am a Singer" was broadcast, it caused a frenzy of viewership.

Huang Qishan shocked the audience with a song "Waiting" and completely sang it out of the circle.

In the end, she won the fourth place and sat on the throne of the queen of songs.

This year, 45-year-old Huang Qishan fell in love with musician Zhang Ying and got married quickly.

Everyone thought that Huang Qishan's ending was finally happy.

Unexpectedly, a bloody drama is about to kick off.


In 2016, Huang Qishan and Zhang Ying's marriage came to an end, and the two had a very ugly fight.

Zhang Ying sued Huang Qishan that Hong Xing was out of the wall, and Huang Qishan angrily denounced Zhang Ying for domestic violence.

In the public opinion, the couple tore their faces, and there is no final conclusion as to what is right and what is wrong.

Recalling that in 2014, Huang Qishan held a concert in Shanghai, she confessed to Zhang Ying generously: "I think the happiest thing is that I sing, and he plays the drums for me!" passers-by.

And Tu Huiyuan on the other side has quietly married a petite wife.

When Huang Qishan sang the song "Cut Love" and cried bitterly on the stage, Tu Huiyuan denied all the past with the sentence "It must not be me, at least I am calm".

Today, "I Am a Singer" can no longer be done, and 8 years have passed since the first season.

Over the years, Huang Qishan has been in various variety shows by virtue of her former popularity.

What is embarrassing is that this top Asian singer has lost some luck in career and love.

Maybe God is fair and gave her a good voice and a lifetime of regrets.

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