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Embracing the New Year: Weather and Observations in Zhejiang

一天比一天暖,沖向21℃!後續還有變化!陽光上線,它也現身了 - 天天要聞

Today marks the auspicious beginning of the lunar new year, with the weather in Zhejiang province presenting itself in a most favorable light. The skies are graced with the long-awaited return of sunshine, casting its warm rays across various locales in the region. This resurgence of sunlight, coupled with a notable rise in temperatures, signals the onset of spring and ushers in the Year of the Dragon with a sense of rejuvenation.

一天比一天暖,沖向21℃!後續還有變化!陽光上線,它也現身了 - 天天要聞

As reported by the Hangzhou Weather Authority, the sunny conditions are expected to persist until the fifth day of the lunar new year, with temperatures steadily climbing, reaching a peak of 20-21℃ on the 13th and 14th days. However, as the holiday progresses, the latter half may see a shift as sunshine gives way to intermittent periods of rain and the intrusion of cold air masses. This fluctuation in weather patterns, characterized by the convergence of warm and cold air currents, often leads to sudden drops in temperature and the onset of precipitation.

一天比一天暖,沖向21℃!後續還有變化!陽光上線,它也現身了 - 天天要聞

Indeed, the arrival of a cold front on the 14th is anticipated to bring rainy conditions overnight, with a subsequent dip in temperatures on the 15th. Nonetheless, the intensity of the cold air is projected to be moderate, and its duration brief. Looking ahead, forecasts indicate a rebound in temperatures in the later stages of the holiday period.

一天比一天暖,沖向21℃!後續還有變化!陽光上線,它也現身了 - 天天要聞

While the weather takes a favorable turn, it is important to remain vigilant as fog may pose visibility challenges, particularly in areas characterized by stable atmospheric conditions. Moreover, air quality may be affected, as evidenced by reports of mild pollution in cities such as Hangzhou, Ningbo, Huzhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, and Zhoushan.

一天比一天暖,沖向21℃!後續還有變化!陽光上線,它也現身了 - 天天要聞

As residents venture outdoors, particularly in the northern and western regions of Zhejiang, where fog persists, caution is advised, with drivers urged to exercise prudence and reduce speed to accommodate reduced visibility. It is recommended for individuals in these areas to wear masks when venturing outside.

In conclusion, as we celebrate the dawn of the new lunar year, let us embrace the promise of spring and the renewal it brings. While the weather may present its challenges, with fluctuations between sunshine and rain, let us approach each day with optimism and preparedness, mindful of the changes that lie ahead. May this Year of the Dragon be filled with joy, prosperity, and above all, good health.

Article by Zhejiang Elderly Daily, incorporating insights from Hangzhou Weather, Zhejiang Weather, and Tide News.


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