Li Ziqi appeared in the "New York Times"! With over 100 million fans worldwide, People’s Daily likes it, this Chinese "princess" is against the sky!

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On April 29th, the well-known blogger Li Ziqi's fans on YouTube exceeded 10 million, with a total of 1.35 billion views, making him the first Chinese creator with more than 10 million fans on the platform.

Li Ziqi appeared in the

In the video, viewers’ comments come from all over the world. At present, her Weibo fans are over 24 million, Douyin fans over 30 million, and the cumulative global fans are over 100 million. It has become a global popular culture. celebrity.

As the number one internet celebrity in the domestic short video field, her influence on overseas social media is comparable to that of CNN, the most influential media in the United States, but CNN has released more than 140,000 videos, and Li Ziqi has only More than 100 pieces.

Li Ziqi appeared in the

Recently, this Chinese rural food blogger also conquered the well-known American media "The New York Times" (The New York Times).

A food review author wrote an article "The Reclusive Food Celebrity Li Ziqi Is My Quarantine Queen" specifically for her, calling her the "princess" during the isolation period.

By the way, on YouTube, "The New York Times" has only 1.81 million subscribers, and Li Ziqi seems to be more popular than it.

Li Ziqi appeared in the

The article stated that in Li Ziqi’s video, she is self-sufficient and all the food comes from her own backyard. This is a very dreamy life. People grow and cook food without wasting anything. There is no need to pursue things outside the body.

Li Ziqi appeared in the

Like so many home cooks in quarantine, after I've used up the green tops of my scallions, I drop the white, hairy roots into a glass of water to regenerate, feeling pleased with my own sense of thrift and pragmatism.

Like many home cooks, after using the green onion, I will throw the rooted green onion into a glass of water to let it grow again, and at the same time for my own I am thrifty and pragmatic.

But last week, when Chinese Internet celebrity Li Ziqi released a new cooking video called "Life of Garlic" on YouTube, I really hope I can end this state of growing green onions on the windowsill.

In this 12-minute video with over 7 million views, Li Ziqi spreads garlic cloves in a field outside his home. As time passed, the garlic cloves began to grow from the soil and stretched towards the sky.

Ms. Li sautées the young, fresh green garlic shoots with pork. When she harvests the bulbs, she plaits the stems, hanging them up to finish the drying process, pickling and preserving the rest, and using some to season chicken feet and dress salad.

Li Ziqi uses fresh and tender green garlic sprouts to fry pork. When she took the garlic back, she braided the stalks, hung them to air dry, preserved the rest, and used some of them to mix chicken feet and salad.

Li Ziqi lives in the rural areas of Sichuan and has little contact with the media. She looked like a Disney princess when she wore a crown braid and a silver fur cloak and walked gracefully in the snow. She is 29 years old, because she posted some reflections on Weibo and YouTubeKnown for videos of self-sufficient and charming rural life.

For a worldwide audience in isolation, her DIY pastoral fantasies have become a reliable source of escape and comfort.

For a worldwide audience in isolation, her self-sufficient pastoral dream has become A reliable source of escape and ease.

I usually plan to watch one — just one — but then I let the algorithm guide me to another, and another, until, soothed by bird song and instrumentals, I'm convinced that I'm absorbing useful information from Ms . Li about how to live off the land. If I'm ever stuck with two dozen sweet potatoes, I now have some idea how to extract the starch and use it to make noodles. This is what I tell myself. Leave me alone in a lotus pond, and I know how to harvest and prepare the roots.

I usually only want to watch one video, I just watch one, but then I will let the algorithm guide me through one after another until I get caught by the bird Songs and musical instruments soothed the soul, convinced that he absorbed the useful information of living on the ground taught by Li Ziqi. If I was struggling with two dozen sweet potatoes, now I have some clues about how to extract starch and use it to make vermicelli. That's how I convinced myself. Even if I leave me in a lotus pond, I know how to pick and prepare lotus roots.

Ms. Li doesn't explain anything as she goes. In fact, she tends to work in silence, without the use of any modern kitchen gadgets. Her sieve is a gourd. Her grater is a piece of metal that she punctures, at an angle, then attaches to two pieces of wood. Her basin is a stream, where she washes the dirt from vegetables.

Li Ziqi never gives any explanation when doing things. In fact, she likes to work quietly without using any modern kitchen equipment. Her sieve is made of gourd. Her grater is a piece of metal, and she made some holes in it at a certain angle, and then fixed it to two pieces of wood. The creek is her pool, where she cleans the mud from the vegetables.

Her kitchen is nothing like mine, in Los Angeles. But watching Ms. Li on my laptop, while eating a bowl of buttered popcorn for dinner, I think maybe I could be happy living like that, too, soaking in the sheer natural beauty of the countryside, devoting myself to extremely traditional ways of cooking.

Her kitchen is completely different from my kitchen in Los Angeles. But when I watched Li Ziqi on my laptop, I was eating a bowl of buttered popcorn for dinner while thinking that maybe I would be happy to live that way, immersed in the pure natural beauty of the country, and faithfully practice the extreme traditions. Way of cooking.

Ms. Li makes peach blossom wine and cherry wine, preserves loquats and rose petals. She makes fresh tofu, and Lanzhou-style noodle soup with a perfectly clear broth, and ferments Sichuan broad bean paste from scratch. She butchers ducks and whole animals.

Li Ziqi can make peach blossom wine and cherry wine, and know how to preserve loquat and rose petals. She can make fresh tofu and Lanzhou noodles in clear soup, and can also ferment Sichuan bean paste from scratch. She also slaughters ducks and whole animals.

She did not become famous for taking shortcuts. In a short film about matsutake, it was first shown that she was setting up a grill for grilling matsutake, laying bricks one piece at a time, then scraping the mortar, and then looking for mushrooms in the woods.

In a short film about braising fish, she first went fishing in the wind and snow, and patiently threw back the fish that were too small, during which the snowflakes condensed on her hair.

Like the main character in some kind of post-apocalyptic novel, Ms. Li is almost always alone, though she doesn't seem lonely, riding her horse through fields of wildflowers, or carrying baskets of sweet potatoes under citrus trees . She seems tireless, focused, confident, independent.

Like the protagonist in some post-apocalyptic novels, Li Ziqi is almost always alone, even though she doesn’t seem alone, she rides her horse through the wildflower meadow , Or walking under the citrus tree with a basket of sweet potatoes. She seems tireless, dedicated, confident and independent.

These videos are deeply healing. But they are not limited to this-they reveal the complex labor intensity contained in each ingredient of each dish, and at the same time make the long and lonely process of cooking appear meaningful and valuable.

It's the complete opposite of most cooking content, the kind that suggests that everything is so quick and easy that you can do it, too, and probably in less than 30 minutes.

这跟most的 Cooking The theme runs counter to. The content implies that each dish is quick and easy, so you can make it too, and it takes less than 30 minutes.

But Li Ziqi romanticized the difficulties of rural life,And she, like any witty internet celebrity, has realized this attraction. In her online store, she sells a machete similar to the one she uses in the video, as well as loose linen clothing inspired by Hanfu, as well as Sichuan ginseng honey and chili sauce.

Skeptics will question that China has blocked the oil pipeline, but why can she use it in China? Although it seems unlikely, some people in the comment area doubted whether her video was political propaganda.

According to Li Ziqi's own words, her story is this: She left home when she was a teenager to work, then returned to the countryside to take care of her grandmother, and then began to record her life. Although she used to take the video by herself with her mobile phone, she now has an assistant and a cameraman.

“I simply want people in the city to know where their food comes from,” Ms. Li said, in a rare interview with Goldthread last fall. (She never responded to my requests.)

“我I just want people in the city to know where their food comes from," Li Ziqi said. Last fall, she was rarely interviewed by Goldthread, a media affiliate of the South China Morning Post. (She never responds to my interview requests.)

But most of the world's food, whether in China or the United States, doesn't come from anyone's backyard, and isn't made from scratch. Noodles are produced and packaged in factories. Chickens and pigs are gutted on fast, dangerous lines.

But whether in China or the United States, most of the food in the world does not come from someone’s backyard, and it will not be made from scratch. The noodles are produced and packaged in the factory. Chickens and pigs are slaughtered on a fast and dangerous assembly line.

The fragility of our industrial supply chains, and the immense risks for the people who work in commercial plants and slaughterhouses, have been laid bare in the last few weeks.

Our industrial supply chains are fragile, commercial factories And the huge risks that workers in the slaughterhouse have been exposed to in the past few weeks.

Li Ziqi completely escaped the existence of this incomplete system. This is the great allure of her videos today-people grow and cook food, don't waste anything, and don't need to pursue things outside of them.

During the quarantine period, when I watched the video of Li Ziqi picking rose petals and ripe tomatoes, I fell into deep thought. Is the background of this clip the past or the future? Are these videos a record of our lost collective food knowledge, or are they an idealized vision for the revival of this knowledge?

Li Ziqi appeared in the

Regarding the popularity of Li Ziqi, some people may say that this is probably caused by the large number of Chinese Internet users.

However, in the comment area of ​​Li Ziqi, more than 95% of them are foreigners visually, English, Russian, Korean...They express their love for Li Ziqi in different languages!

Li Ziqi appeared in the

Li Ziqi appeared in the

Li Ziqi appeared in the

Li Ziqi's unique oriental temperament and patinaXiang's life continues to attract global fans who also love Chinese culture.

Her original video won the YouTube Silver Medal in just three months after being broadcast overseas. French media even praised her for "her work has brought you a breath of fresh air."

Li Ziqi appeared in the

The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League liked and reposted several of her videos, and CCTV News also used a review article to praise her in the hot search.

Li Ziqi appeared in the

Someone commented that in terms of spreading Chinese culture to overseas audiences, one Li Ziqi is definitely worth 10 CGTVs.

And for her original intention of shooting this series of videos, she said that she wanted people to "feel relaxed and beautiful, and relieve some anxiety and pressure."

And she wants the children living in the metropolis to know where the food on the table comes from.

Li Ziqi appeared in the

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It can be said that from Li Ziqi, many people understand that food and classical culture can really break through language restrictions and break the barrier of race.

Li Ziqi appeared in the

Why is Li Ziqi's video so popular?

may be as the People’s Daily said: the beauty of Chinese life it expresses makes people willing to approach when it is pleasing to the eye.

Li Ziqi appeared in the

Li Ziqi appeared in the

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