In order to promote the actual results of city creation and further create a livable and workable living environment, Nanzhao Town, Zhao'an County has used the city's "Seven to One Look" competition as a starting point in recent days to carefully compare the city creation evaluat

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In order to promote the actual results of city creation and further create a livable and workable living environment, Nanzhao Town, Zhao'an County has used the city's

In order to promote the actual results of city creation and further create a livable and suitable living environment, in recent days, Nanzhao Town, Zhao'an County has used the city's "Seven to One Look" competition as a starting point to carefully compare the city creation evaluation system and task breakdown table , starting from the three aspects of problem list, demonstration and guidance, and long-term mechanism, we will pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities and further promote various tasks of city creation.

Establish a problem list to improve the "accuracy" of governance

Nanzhao Town establishes the work concept of "precise city creation", insists on full coverage of the problem list, comprehensively investigates existing problems in city creation, and sorts out the "City Creation Evaluation Points Evaluation Standard List" ", "List of Major and Difficult Issues in City Creation", "List of County and Town Inspection Issues" and other three work lists. Each list states the source of the problem, content of the problem, responsible unit, rectification requirements, rectification deadline and completion. Condition. For dynamic problems that can be improved in the short term, each community (village) is required to make rectifications within a week, and feedback the rectification status to the town creation office in the form of pictures and texts; for static problems that involve the improvement of hardware facilities or need to be jointly solved by multiple departments We will appropriately relax the time limit for rectification and coordinate the handling of the problems with the Town Creation and Urban Development Office. For list issues that have not been effectively completed overdue rectification, they will be "on the list" for a long time and cannot be withdrawn until the rectification is completed. By recording problems, tracking problems, and solving problems, we ensure that every problem found in Chuangcheng can be recorded in a timely manner, assigned accurately, and then effectively solved.

Highlight demonstration and leadership, create a "model room" for city creation

In order to improve the feasibility of demonstration and promotion, Nanzhao Town selected Guangliang Community and Wenfeng Community with relatively concentrated indoor activity venues, long-term community environment maintenance, and sound city creation elements. The first batch of city-building demonstration sites, with the business guidance and help of the county and town city-building offices, carried out on-site evaluation projects such as publicity display boards, infrastructure, refined management, new era civilized practice stations, and volunteer service stations involving the community one by one. Interpret and implement the standards, create a city-building demonstration community with high standards, set an example, and provide each community (village) with excellent cases of civilized creation that can be used for reference and replicability, so as to lead from point to area, organize other communities (villages) to observe and learn on-site, and comprehensively promote the creation of a city experience.

Establish a long-term mechanism to realize the "normalization" of city creation

City creation work is a long-term task and a systematic project. In this regard, Nanzhao Town has established and improved a long-term mechanism to achieve long-term success. Continue to promote infrastructure construction, focusing on projects such as the upgrading and renovation projects of old residential areas in Nanzhao Town to enhance the appearance of the city; focus on the weak and weak links of urban creation, continue to promote environmental sanitation improvement, and focus on the illegal construction of private buildings, and cluttered buildings To rectify problems such as littering and littering; continue to carry out extensive publicity on socialist core values ​​, provincial-level civilized county creation knowledge, epidemic prevention common sense, etc., to create a strong city creation publicity atmosphere; continue to carry out civilized traffic persuasion, standard parking order and other activities , to persuade the masses to travel in a civilized manner and create a good traffic environment. By carrying out various voluntary activities for city creation on a regular basis, city creation can shift from "face" to "lizi" and move from the "eyes" of the masses into the "hearts" of the masses.

In the next step, Nanzhao Town will continue to firmly establish the idea of ​​​​"a game of chess" and "a protracted war", compare the evaluation standards, focus on key points, strengthen measures, and implement implementation, and use embroidery skills to make the city creation work more detailed and to higher standards. , stricter requirements, more practical measures, do every job well, strive to be the "vanguard" of city creation, and contribute Nanzhao's strength to the creation of a provincial-level civilized county. (Shen Yiting)

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